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Faith Formation

The faith community of St. Ambrose through it's Youth Faith Formation is committed to carry on the catechetical mission of the Church by effectively supporting parents in their role as primary teachers of the Catholic faith. We strive to instill within our youth a Catholic identity, to cultivate religious literacy, and develop a sense of social justice and service. We endeavor to plant the seeds of knowledge that will grow deeply in appreciation for liturgy and prayer. We trust that through participation in the sacraments, our students may encounter the living Christ, and be formed as true disciples, prepared to witness the mercy and salvation of God to the world.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Level I: Ages 3-5

Level II: Ages 6-9

Level III: Ages 9-12

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) is a Montessori-based faith formation program based on the educational principles of Maria Montessori. It offers a pathway for even the youngest child to experience the joy of entering into the mystery of God. At St. Ambrose Parish, we have Level 1, 2 and 3 atria for children ages 3-12. This atrium is a sacred space dedicated to CGS where children retreat from the noisiness of the modern world and enter a place of prayer. Child sized furnishings, manipulatives, and objects based on Scripture and Liturgy placed in the atrium encourage joyful self-discovery, foster community, and accommodate all learning styles. This approach, like all Montessori methods, respects children's individualism by allowing each child to grow and explore at their own pace. By allowing the child this natural path to unfold, they encounter Jesus and their faith in a deeply personal way.

Level I, II, and III Schedules

Sundays//9:15am. - 10:45am.//St. Augustine Parish Center

Mondays//4:30pm-6:00pm//St. Augustine Parish Center

Tuesdays // 5:00pm-6:30pm // St. Augustine Parish Center

Wednesdays//4:30pm-6:00pm//St. Augustine Parish Center

  If you have any questions regarding Catechesis of the Good Shepherd,

please contact Judy Derbacher or Cyndie Baker


Open to registered parishioners who would like to learn more about their faith.

Classes meet weekly on Monday evenings from 7p. -8p. via Zoom.

Join Father Turner as he journeys through the Catechism of the Catholic Faith.



We encourage all parents to embrace the invitation to deepen their faith by attending a conveniently scheduled faith formation session


Junior High School Program

Grades 7&8

Our grade 7 and 8 students meet every other week for instruction and discussion using YOUCAT. YOUCAT is the Catechism of the Catholic Church for adolescents and young people. The most important elements of the faith are summarized briefly and comprehensibly. The YOUCAT was approved by the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith in Rome. The program is broken down into four parts that are covered in a two year program. Year One will cover What We Believe and How We Celebrate the Christian Mysteries. Year Two will cover How We Are to Have Life in Christ and How We Should Pray.


High School Pre-Confirmation

Small Groups

Grades 9-12

When teens reach high school, they will be invited to continue to grow in faith through a Discipleship module as opposed to instructional classes. Discipleship isn't about passing a test or learning facts over a set number of years; it's a life-long journey where someone continues to deepen their relationship with Christ and commits to living their life like His. It reminds us that our Catholic Faith is something to be lived rather than just learned! Small groups meet every other week with an adult Small Group Leader and spend time discussing questions they may have about God, faith, relationships, religion, life, their future and anything else they may want to discuss. Small Group Leaders facilitate discussion and share about what it means to be a practicing Catholic in today's world. The goal is for the teens to grow in relationship with others in their parish community and receive guidance and support from their leader and dive into a deeper understanding of the faith and into a deeper relationship with our Lord. Teens that have spent at least one year during high school attending small group and begin to take ownership of their faith life are invited to begin the Confirmation Preparation program when they desire to.


Post-Confirmation Small Group

After a teen is Confirmed, teens are invited to continue to grow in their faith and continue to grow in relationship with other teens in their parish community. They meet once a month and will be provided with continued opportunities to encounter Christ and grow in authentic relationship with Him. There will be discussion evenings on a variety of topics both with Small Group Leaders and visiting speakers and they will enjoy events, gatherings, and service and prayer opportunities. The Post-Confirmation Small Group provides those on the road to becoming a young adult the opportunity for continued support and encouragement in taking ownership of their faith life, deepening their faith and becoming a disciple of Christ.

Please contact Cyndie Baker if you have any other questions!





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